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How to Increase Clinical Trial Participation in Community Oncology

Clinical trials are invaluable for proving the efficacy of new therapies and determining novel treatment strategies to improve patient outcomes. Unfortunately, most clinical trials do not meet their enrollment targets. This is largely due to structural and clinical barriers.1 With up to 85% of oncology patients receiving treat­ment in a community setting, participation…

Using Real-World Data for Oncology Treatment

Due to the multitude of patient-related factors, including gender, race, age, biomarkers, and comorbidities, there is clearly no one approach to treating patients with cancer. Nevertheless, there are general guidelines, including those published by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN), designed to help guide treatment practices. Clinicians are also aware of…

Integrating Informatics for Clinical-Genomic Collaboration and Analysis

Community oncology practices often struggle with complicated data aggregation and management challenges. These issues only get more complex as precision medicine advances and volume, velocity, and value of data increases.

How Precision Medicine and Data Analytics Impact the Journey of Patients with Cancer

Dec 3, 2021

Once a patient receives a cancer diagnosis, they begin a journey with a multidisciplinary healthcare team that gathers important data to help optimize their treatment plan. Utah Cancer Specialists (UCS) assesses patients during key points across this treatment journey to examine whether the best clinical decisions are being made to support the patients’ clinical outcomes.

XIFIN Wins Best Practices Leadership Award for Precision Medicine Informatics

XIFIN recently received the prestigious 2019 Global Precision Medicine Informatics Enabling Technology Leadership Award from Frost & Sullivan, a growth strategy consulting firm. The award recognizes XIFIN’s strategic thought leadership, innovation, and performance exhibited in the precision medicine informatics industry.

Utah Cancer Specialists Chooses XIFIN VisualStrata for Its Precision Medicine Needs

According to 61% of respondents to a recent survey, unstructured data curation and annotation is the number one IT challenge for precision medicine programs. Precision medicine is a relatively new field that has both high interest and various challenges.

Solution or Problem? Has the PDF Outlived Its Usefulness in Health Information Management?

The time has come to make the EHR smarter by allowing access to fully integrated and curated patient data that is readily accessible and searchable. It is only when we have completely interoperable systems with data analytics capabilities and no data locked away in PDFs that we will realize the full potential of electronic health information systems.

Enhancing the Value of Precision Medicine Informatics

Exploring the value of precision medicine informatics (PMI), a recent XIFIN and The Journal of Precision Medicine study reported that approximately 60% of respondents said that their enterprise system, such as their EMR or EHR, did not meet or only partially met their needs as a precision medicine user.

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