Real-World Data Applications

Improve Patient Care Coordination and Leverage Data Analytics to Unlock the Value of Your Healthcare Data

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Real-World Data Analytics

Discover new insights by querying consolidated patient data sets

The consolidation of rich patient data sets that include data from several sources including pathology, radiology, and genomics with treatment and clinical notes, patient reported outcomes and financial data allows for retrospective analysis of patient trends to improve the ability to identify appropriate patients for clinical trials and the creation of shared data models for the development of real-world evidence (RWE).

  • Develop a healthcare data pool that can be queried to discover new disease and treatment insights
  • Use keywords and other ontological values such as image annotations, labels and captions to search your data pool
  • Visualize data in various ways to illustrate population patterns, trends, correlations, outcomes and outliers
  • Enable population health management and research
  • Support clinical trial matching

Temporal Record and Case Management

Integrate patient diagnostic, biomarker, imaging, and clinical data into a single platform to optimize data-informed treatment planning

VisualStrata® enhances the functionality of practice management, electronic medical record (EMR) or electronic health record (EHR) systems to help healthcare providers better organize and manage their patients’ data. Built for the healthcare industry by bioinformaticists and data scientists, VisualStrata is designed to collate structured and unstructured data from disparate systems into a single source, so that providers can document each patient’s journey through diagnosis, treatment and outcome.

Whether designing case workflow or individual patient case reports, VisualStrata offers the flexibility to meet a practice’s case management and case reporting needs. As a company with decades of healthcare and informatics experience, we understand that no two practices are exactly alike.

  • Review and manage patient cases, manage tasks and respond to messages and alerts through a navigation dashboard
  • Seamlessly consolidate patient data including diagnostic and biomarker data with radiology and pathology images and clinical notes
  • Add medical specialty patient encounters to patient records
  • Aggregate and link clinical and diagnostic information from iterative case reviews such as tumor boards
  • Choose which data elements will be included in patient reports
  • Create EHR-interoperable continuity of care documentation (CCD) patient case summaries

Healthcare Quality Reporting

Develop quality of care metrics reports to satisfy compliance needs for payors and other organizations

As healthcare costs continue to rise and payors increasingly reimburse on quality and value rather than volume, providers must document quality care activities that lead to improved patient outcomes at lower cost. VisualStrata has quality reporting capabilities that can help satisfy the evidentiary needs of payors and institutions.

  • Define key indicators of quality of care within your practice
  • Customize quality of care metrics reports to satisfy multi-institutional needs

Care Team Collaboration

Simplify care coordination across multidisciplinary teams using a collaboration dashboard

Data-informed treatment planning is central to precision medicine and healthcare informatics, particularly in cancer care. Clinicians rely on the expertise of their multidisciplinary team (MDT) colleagues to navigate the complexities of biomarker data, molecular testing and other diagnostics such as radiologic and pathologic imaging used to guide patient treatment. VisualStrata’s collaboration dashboard allows care team members to share patient data and collaborate on cases in real-time and on-demand.

Studies have shown that when care team members increase communication across specialties and across institutions, overall patient care and patient outcomes improve. Using VisualStrata to collate patient data into a unified view for sharing with colleagues saves time, reduces logistical headaches and increases decision support, especially for complex cases.

  • Synchronously and asynchronously share multi-specialty and multi-modality images and data from the sharing-based clinical workflow
  • Schedule and host web-based coordination of care tumor boards, medical rounds and other conferences in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment
  • Select which patient data will be included in the web-based meeting and identify data to be sent to the EMR or EHR
  • Facilitate peer review and treatment planning for cases that require multi-specialty clinical evaluation
  • Control the level of automation for bringing data together into a unified view

Image Management

Improve case management efficiency by leveraging image management capabilities

When relevant radiologic and pathology images are available on-demand, longitudinal treatment monitoring becomes more efficient. Clinicians spend less time searching for diagnostic images and more time with their patients. VisualStrata’s patented image annotation technology allows users to non-destructively add captions and labels to images and other types of data. The annotated data becomes part of a knowledge base that can be easily searched to identify cohorts with similar characteristics, trends and outliers.

  • Manage digital imaging and communications in medicine (DICOM) images, picture archiving and communication system (PACS) images and non-DICOM images
  • Use the image viewer to zoom, resize and annotate individual images
  • Arrange images in a multi-panel or gallery view for easy viewing
  • Link annotation captions and labels to images and other data types