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Utah Cancer Specialists Chooses XIFIN VisualStrata for Its Precision Medicine Needs

Sandra Greefkes

Sandra Greefkes

AVP Product & Partner Marketing | XIFIN, Inc.

May 20, 2020

According to 61% of respondents to a recent survey, unstructured data curation and annotation is the number one IT challenge for precision medicine programs.

Precision medicine is a relatively new field that has both high interest and various challenges. It shows great promise in oncology care, which means dealing with vast amounts of data that is often in silos. This situation makes it difficult for clinicians to take full advantage of potential insights that can lead to individualized care.

Utah Cancer Specialists — the largest community-based oncology and hematology treatment practice in its state — wanted to improve its treatment processes to let its teams aggregate, analyze, and make better use of multiple data sources when treating their patients.

Recently, XIFIN announced that Utah Cancer Specialists is implementing XIFIN’s VisualStrata as the strategic solution to improve its treatment processes. Award-winning VisualStrata is the only precision medicine informatics platform on the market that curates and visualizes diagnostic, clinical, and financial data across the patient journey through diagnosis, treatment, and outcomes.

"We chose VisualStrata based on its ability to aggregate biomarker data from multiple sources and combine it with clinical data from our EMR,” said Randy Erickson, CEO, Utah Cancer Specialists. “By working with the XIFIN team, we will be able to add significant improvements to our program. The platform will allow us to run a retrospective analysis of patient trends over time to improve our ability to identify appropriate patients for clinical trials and will allow us to better position ourselves as we move from fee-for-service towards value-based care."

VisualStrata uniquely collates structured and unstructured data from disparate systems into a single source, providing healthcare professionals with deeper insights into optimal disease treatments and driving personalized care decisions. By implementing VisualStrata, Utah Cancer Specialists is enabling its oncology care teams to manage and draw insights from their data to understand better how their patients are responding to care and meeting healthcare quality reporting requirements. This includes the Oncology Care Model (OCM) reporting required by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS).

As Erickson points out, VisualStrata makes the EMR smarter. The platform augments the EMR’s capabilities by seamlessly connecting to the data at its source and structuring it so that it is readily accessible and searchable.

More on VisualStrata

As a highly configurable cloud-based software platform, VisualStrata enables data exchange, archival, and analysis in a robust, scalable environment. Data analytics and data visualization tools let users gain insights from rich data sets, making discoveries about health and disease possible, and improving data IQ. Features include:

Temporal Record and Case Management

  • Review and manage patient cases, manage tasks, and respond to messages and alerts through a navigation dashboard
  • Seamlessly consolidate patient data, including diagnostic and biomarker data with radiology and pathology images and clinical notes

Care Team Collaboration

  • Synchronously and asynchronously share multi-specialty and multi-modality images and data from the sharing-based clinical workflow
  • Schedule and host web-based coordination of care tumor boards, medical rounds and other conferences in a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment

Healthcare Quality Reporting

  • Define critical indicators of quality of care within your practice
  • Customize the quality of care metrics reports to satisfy multi-institutional needs

"Focusing on patient-linked variables such as a patient’s geographic region, the origin of the ordering clinician, and details of the treatment itself are tremendously important markers to determine treatment effectiveness at community oncology centers, where about half of all Americans battling cancer receive treatment,” said Patricia Goede, Ph.D., VP Clinical Informatics, XIFIN. “To accomplish this, oncologists and physicians need a platform that collects and compares crucial information to help inform individual testing and treatment decisions and to document the complete patient journey over time. At the end of the day, aggregating all the available data in a collected, well-structured approach will allow community oncology teams, like those at Utah Cancer Specialists, to deliver quality reporting and patient care."

Last year  XIFIN and The Journal of Precision Medicine released research results that reported that approximately 60% of respondents said that their enterprise system, such as their EMR or EHR, did not meet or only partially met their needs as a precision medicine user.

Survey-takers said the most challenging aspect of a physician, or a patient-facing IT system or software, was EMR capabilities that enable precision medicine. The second most challenging was real-time access to patient data within the care team collaboration software. Also of concern was real-time access to patient data within provider facing temporal record case management software. For more information, read the report, and then add your voice to the conversation by participating in the study.

For more information, visit the VisualStrata website.

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