About VisualStrata®

The VisualStrata healthcare informatics platform aggregates, curates and intelligently visualizes patient diagnostic, treatment, and clinical information to optimize patient care coordination and treatment planning.

Our Company

VisualStrata is a SaaS-based healthcare informatics solution from XIFIN, Inc. With XIFIN having more than 20 years of IT experience in healthcare, the XIFIN VisualStrata team is uniquely equipped to integrate diagnostic, clinical and financial data using an informatics approach so that users can realize the full value of rich healthcare data sets.

Our VisualStrata Proprietary Technology

VisualStrata incorporates a knowledge engineering framework that consists of a collection of technologies (components and services) that exchange and manage images and textual data from different modalities and specialties across the healthcare continuum. At the heart of the framework is knowledge representation through annotation services as a key function to support multi-disciplinary team (MDT) collaboration, case review and patient treatment planning. The power of the annotation methodology enables indexing of non-destructive labels, captions or other collections of annotations to facilitate intelligent searches of annotations as well as any derived meaning from the knowledge contained in the annotations, groups of annotations and any sematic relationships between the data to which the annotations are linked.

Our VisualStrata Team

The VisualStrata team has decades of expertise in healthcare information technology and medical knowledge engineering. The team consists of biomedical informatics subject matter experts, information architects, and software engineers with experience in building tools for promoting medical collaboration and integration of semantically linked medical data in a stable, secure, scalable and extensible, SaaS-based platform.

Patricia Goede, PhD, is the vice president of Clinical Informatics at XIFIN Inc., where she brings 22 years’ experience developing biomedical imaging informatics solutions and technology to facilitate multi-modality and multispecialty image-based exchange, collaboration, and management in distributed environments. Goede founded VisualShare and served as CEO until its acquisition by XIFIN in 2015.

Previously, Goede was at the University of Utah where she pioneered a number of image visualization and collaboration tools. She is the founder of the Electronic Medical Education Resource Group (EMERG) and as its director, established the Utah Center of Excellence for Electronic Medical Education. Goede holds an MS in Computational Visualizations and a PhD in Biomedical Imaging Informatics.

About XIFIN, Inc.

XIFIN is a healthcare information technology company that leverages diagnostic information to improve the quality and economics of healthcare. The company's cloud-based technology facilitates connectivity and workflow automation for accessing and sharing clinical and financial diagnostic data, linking healthcare stakeholders in the delivery and reimbursement of care.

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