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NCODA Informatics Initiative Provides Member With Powerful Data Platform

Spring 2022 l Oncolytics Today

NCODA has formed a new partnership with the health information technology company XIFIN, Inc. and is offering VisualStrata®️️️️, its healthcare informatics platform, as a complimentary tool to all NCODA members. VisualStrata collates structured and unstructured clinical, diagnostic, molecular, genomic, and financial data from disparate systems into a single source, enabling healthcare professionals to gain insight, make decisions and improve care and outcomes.

NCODA and XIFIN Launch New Initiative to Expand Oncology Patient Care Options

April 14, 2022

“NCODA Informatics Initiative Powered by VisualStrata” Helps Attract Clinical Trials for Oncology Practices and Bridges the Gap with Pharmaceutical Organizations.

Treatment Patterns and Prescribing Practices Based on Real-World Data

Sep 20, 2021

There does not exist a cookie-cutter approach to treating patients with cancer, due to a multitude of patient-related factors, such as gender, race, age, biomarkers, and comorbidities. Despite these factors, which may affect how individuals respond to specific therapeutic protocols, there are general guidelines, including those published by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCCN),1 which can be used to help guide treatment practices to promote optimal clinical outcomes. Although clinicians have access to these guidelines and are aware of which treatment regimens are generally prescribed to treat specific types of cancer, they do not have insights into how other clinicians are treating similar cases.

An Integrated Informatics Approach for Clinical-Genomic Knowledge Sharing and Analysis

July, 2021

Data aggregation and management challenges for community oncology practices are becoming more complicated with the advent and application of precision medicine. As advances are made in clinical molecular technologies, and the volume, velocity, and value of this data increases, adjustments must be made to incorporate informatics approaches to inform data-driven decision-making through robust and reliable integration of multiple heterogeneous data sources into one consolidated analytics platform.

Historically, the focus and associated applications have been solely comprised of data stored in structured fields. However, in the oncology universe, traditional electronic medical records do not capture all the disparate and detailed information related to a patient’s specific oncology case.

The Intersection of Precision Medicine and Data Analysis in the Community Oncology Setting

May 2021 | Oncology Practice Management

Once patients are diagnosed with cancer, they begin their journey by forming new relationships with a multidisciplinary healthcare team that will support them during various points along the way. The definition of the patient journey has been broadened to answer important questions on how patients enter the healthcare system.

Utah Cancer Specialists Implements XIFIN VisualStrata to Provide Care Teams with Improved Data Insights

May 18, 2020

Precision medicine is especially promising in oncology care, but the massive amounts of data that exists – often in silos – makes it challenging for clinicians to take full advantage of potential insights that can lead to individualized patient care.

Study Finds Over 70% of Adopters Judge Precision Medicine Informatics Initiatives as Nearing or Exceeding Expectations

Dec 11, 2019

With more healthcare systems adopting and implementing precision medicine informatics (PMI) initiatives today, healthcare leaders are looking for insights around the emerging field to ensure they get the most value from their informatics investments from a diagnostic, clinical and financial data perspective.

Achieving the "Holy Grail" of population health management in cancer care

Mar 11, 2019 | MedCity News

To unlock the true value of population health for cancer care, you need the "Holy Grail" of healthcare: clinical information from EHRs, diagnostics and genomic data from labs and pathology departments, and financial data from the billing side.

XIFIN Enters Precision Medicine and Healthcare Informatics Market with the Launch of VisualStrata®

Jan 17, 2019

XIFIN, Inc. today unveiled VisualStrata®, the only precision medicine informatics platform that curates and visualizes diagnostic, clinical and financial data to document the patient journey through diagnosis, treatment and outcomes.