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Usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Clinical Decision Making

Patricia Goede

Patricia Goede

Vice President, Clinical Informatics | XIFIN, Inc.

Feb 12, 2018

This week XIFIN will be speaking at the Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference. This is the 25th annual conference and this year it is expected to have an estimated 3,700 thought leaders present.

I will be discussing artificial intelligence (AI) vs. medical doctor. I feel AI and machine learning in pathology would have to complement the regular clinician’s assessment of certain disease states and calculate the complex probability between the complex relationships of data while eliminating bias.

Included in my presentation will be a debate on how the physician communication and collaboration component introduces a fuzziness to the application of AI. While I am not opposed to applying algorithms to image-based decision making, I do think that because the decisions can have a component of subjectivity (expertise) that is dependent on one or more experts. The challenge is rooted in how the data is structured (rules) where relationships are established.

In addition, XIFIN experts will also be discussing "Integrated Workflow with Relation to Seamless Experience for Digital Case Management." VP, Sales, Conor Ward and AVP, Product Development, Joe Nollar will delve into how important it is for laboratories to have systems oriented to approach managing lab cases with the following objectives:

  • Integrating pathology into the care team and improving the delivery of lab services for better patient outcomes.
  • Frame working data aggregation and retention for reporting that aligns with payer strategy.
  • Exploring new laboratory revenue opportunities including consultations, collaboration and technical/professional splits.

Another topic to look-out for is "Commercialization and Coverage for Novel Diagnostics" which will be covered by XIFIN Executive Vice President & General Manager of Diagnostic Services, Kyle Fetter. Expect to learn how early-stage diagnostic and wearable diagnostic device companies are facing greater hurdles to commercialization and reimbursement than ever before. As well as how combining clinical, market adoption and reimbursement hurdles make it imperative to synch up all efforts within an organization for diagnostic providers.

For more information on how to connect with at Tri-Con and exact speaking times, click here.

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