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Precision medicine program success relies on clinicians having timely access to data such as diagnostic biomarker. However, current health records systems (EMRs and EHRs) are not meeting the needs of precision medicine practitioners. According to a 2019 recent survey conducted by XIFIN Inc in partnership with The Journal of Precision Medicine, 58% of more than 120 respondents reported that their current health records system did not effectively support their precision medicine program.

VisualStrata is a precision medicine informatics platform that aggregates structured and unstructured data. It can be integrated and is interoperable with EMR, EHR, LIS, and RIS platforms. VisualStrata makes these platforms smarter by capturing unstructured data and making it accessible and searchable within VisualStrata or directly in the primary application such as an EHR.

Designed by informaticists, VisualStrata improves the data access and data management capabilities of today’s EMRs and EHRs with advanced capabilities that seamlessly integrate with current systems and make it simpler for physicians to collaborate and share data. VisualStrata enables the building of rich data sets that can be used for multiple purposes including quality reporting, population cohort analysis, and enabling artificial intelligence and machine learning. Learn how VisualStrata can help the success of your precision medicine program by requesting a demo today.

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