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VisualStrata is the only precision medicine informatics platform that uniquely integrates clinical, diagnostic and financial data, enabling healthcare professionals to gain insight, make decisions, and improve care and outcomes.

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Break Down Data Silos to Advance Precision Medicine

With precision medicine’s use of unique patient genetic, proteomic, environmental and lifestyle characteristics to guide treatment decision making, ready access to that healthcare data is imperative.

Better Outcomes, Lower Cost

The promise of precision medicine is more effective treatment of illnesses through individualized, targeted treatments that result in better health outcomes with fewer adverse events and at lower cost.

All Patient Data in One Place

A major challenge to the efficient delivery of precision medicine is that patient data often resides in multiple data systems. Consideration of all relevant patient data by the healthcare provider is necessary for optimizing patient care. This is particularly problematic in oncology due to the complexity of the disease and the number of medical specialties often required for diagnosis, staging and treatment planning.

Cloud-Based Collaboration

VisualStrata’s cloud-based architecture and interoperability allows oncology care teams and others involved in precision medicine to seamlessly gather, curate and review diagnostic and biomarker data, radiological and digital pathology images and clinical notes in a single platform. Linking a patient’s disparate data types into consolidated reports enables multidisciplinary care teams to easily collaborate on complex cases and to develop optimized treatment plans while gaining future insights into specific diseases.

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